Rocks In Our Heads

Extraordinary stories from adventurous Australian-domiciled geologists and an English mining engineer as told in their own words


“Raw, honest and eye-opening. I am proud of my Dad”
“Should be included in the geology student curriculum”
“From a passion for minerals the adventures unfold”


Bandits, Wars, Witchdoctors and Leopards - these Geos have experienced it all


25 Geologists and
1 Mining Engineer share true tales from their global adventures

Inside The Book

Understand and garner an appreciation of what is required at the personal level to find the minerals which are the basis of the
consumer goods on which we all rely these days to a huge extent.

The collection has been grouped by geographic region with stories starting from 1972. Be immersed in the adventures, frustrations, inevitable dangers, and different cultural challenges.

Our Authors

Andrew Drummond


Andrew Drummond has had a 20 year involvement in valuation and mining operations at Westonia, WA. He founded Minemakers Ltd, which is understood to have been the top performing listed company on any stock exchange in the world in the GFC year of 2008.

Lynda Frewer


Lynda Frewer began her career in WA diamond exploration, which led to her establishing a key independent diamond sample processing laboratory.

Tony Gates


Tony Gates began his career in PNG and subsequently has had an adventurous long career in the identification and acquisition of exploration projects and mineral assets.